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May 3-6, 2012 Michigan International Women's Show

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The Michigan International Women’s Show is an annual event held during the spring in Novi, MI, at the Suburban Collection Showplace. A Detroit Metro Mashup photographer has attended the show for about 10 years and occasionally slowed down her shopping long enough to take a few photographs. The gallery link above holds some of the photographs taken during the past five years or so that convey the magnitude of this huge, highly attended, show. Included are photos of Mario Lopez, Johnathan Kayne from Project Runway, a reproduction of Princess Diana’s dress in an exhibition of her things, and a favorite of adults and kids alike, The Pink Panther.

The press release for the upcoming 2013 show informs potential attendees to plan to get makeovers, learn makeup trends, see arts and crafts, fashion and accessories including purses and shoes, reality show stars, cooking, shopping, fragrances, cosmetics, gifts, travel info, fashion shows and, hubba hubba, lingerie. You might get to see famous chefs create some cuisine, learn how to save money when shopping, and get a gift card for a Chevy test drive, if you look around a bit. They also have health screenings, animal rescuers, skin care products, and a plethora of clinics and training for anyone who is trying to run a more efficient home and life.

So go check out the pictures and you will want to attend and spend; although they might also teach you how to manage a budget. Events, celebrities, dates, times, and prices for the Michigan International Women’s Show can be found on their website at .