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March 17, 2013 - Flint bottle & Insulator Show

The Flint Antique Bottle and Collectible Club’s 43rd Annual Show & Sale was held on Sunday March 17, St. Patrick's Day, at Dom Polski Hall, Flint, MI. The show gives bottle collectors the opportunity to exhibit some of their collectibles, to trade them, and sell them.

Although antique and rare bottles of all sorts are the raison d'être of the show, there is always a lot of other glassware for sale as well, including telephone, telegraph and power insulators, lightning rod balls, fairy lights, and many others. In fact, the show is liberal enough in its guidelines that there were quite a few items on display that weren't glass at all. These included old cans, antique advertising signs, fishing lures, and we even spotted freshly knitted scarves. Nonetheless, the bulk of the displays were historical bottles of every size, color, shape, original use, and cost.

Although Flint isn't in the Detroit Metro area, per se, Detroit Metro Mashup wanted to cover this event for a number of reasons, not least of which is the fact that the three of us who attended all have some (or very many) insulators and bottles that we've collected. But the main reason for our coverage was that Detroit is a very old city and, not only have many types of historic bottles been recovered here, but there are quite a number of bottles with "Detroit" either on the label or molded into the glass itself. There are several of these in our photo gallery for this event and we hope you enjoy seeing them.

If you are interested in historic bottles and insulators, here are some links and contact info for national and local organizations that represent these hobbies:

The Flint Antique Bottle & Collectible Club. Bill Heatley, President

_____ Meeting place: Grand Blanc Heritage Museum, 203 Grand Blanc Road, Grand Blanc, Michigan
_____ Meeting time: Second Thursday of the month from 7:00 pm to 9:00pm, No meetings in June, July or August.
_____ For information: Tim and Angie Buda, 989.271.9193,

The Federation of Historic Bottle Collectors at
The National Insulator Association (NIA) at
Huron Valley Bottle & Insulator Club (HVBIC) at
Metropolitan Detroit Antique Bottle Club at
_____ Any question please contact -
For more insulator info and amazing pictures of Hemingray made insulators and glassware go to
Photo galleries and information on insulator styles from around the world go to