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April 10, 2013 - Art Deco Society "Bubble Bar"

The Detroit Area Art Deco Society held a “Bubble Bar” on Wednesday April 10 at the Peacock Room and Emerald in the Park Shelton in Detroit, 15 East Kirby. Detroit Metro Mashup sent two of our photojournalists to cover the event, which presented a variety of retro, vintage, and art-decoish apparel, jewelry, and accessories in the Peacock Room and a lot of retro and eclectic “gifts and provisions” in the Emerald shoppe.

We really enjoyed the event (as well as the champagne); as DMM’s Michele says, “shopping anytime is a good event.” There was an impressive variety of finely crafted items that tempted both of us into buying something; a glasses case (to be used as an iPhone holder) from the Peacock Room and a robot wallet from Emerald (both can be seen in the photo gallery, above). An added benefit of our shopping, along with the many others who showed up for the event, was that the Peacock Room donated 10% of all the proceeds to the scholarship award fund of the Art Deco Society.

Between the two shoppes one could run the shopping gamut from the Roaring 20’s up to and beyond the science fiction dreams and stylings of the 1950s. Even though this event is over, DMM encourages you to check out both these shops if you are in the market for some beautiful and novel fashions and accessories that you probably haven’t seen anywhere else.