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May 19, 2013 - Eastern Market Flower Day

Every spring The Eastern Market in Detroit welcomes the return of warm weather and the demise of Metro Detroit's long winter hibernation with Flower Day. This is the day that vendors fill the open-air barns, streets, and neighboring businesses with bright flowers redolent of a festival at Camelot in the Middle least that's how my imagination sees it, without the jousting of course. Rather than being dominated by the usual mature vegetables and fruits (although there are still plenty of tasty ones to be had), the stalls are filled with greenery and shoots of edibles yet to be, along with the budding of tiny blooms that promise a glorious summer of vivid foliage that will entreat you to smell it, allergies be damned!

People from all over the metro area come to this once a year event because, not only can you create your own personal version of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon with what you buy, it is a happening that involves people of every conceivable type and persuasion. People of all types, but who are united by the beauty of flowers, gardening, and the benefits that we all accrue from just that little bit of communing with nature, and with one another, on Flower Day. All come here to shop, barter, discuss, laugh, envy one another's finds and the carts they carry them in, and compare notes about our gardening successes and failures.

May 19 was the 47th annual Flower Day, a testament to its success among Metro Detroiters year after year. We at Detroit Metro Mashup bought lots of plants, shopped at the Milano Bakery, Rocky's, and many other Eastern Market locations, ate at Zeff's before leaving, and took lots of photos of this most colorful event along the way. Click on the photo stack above and have a look at some of what we saw. After that, go to our past events and check out our photos from 2012. Then "like" the pages on Facebook (bottom of page) if you enjoy what we've done. Let us know what you think and which year looked like the most fun on Facebook (button top right) or by emailing us with our "Contact" button.

More information is available about the Eastern Market on their website at:

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Office Hours: Mon-Sat 8a.m. - 4p.m.
Public Market Hours: Sat 6a.m. - 4p.m.
2934 Russell Street, Detroit, MI 48207
PH: 313.833.9300 • FAX: 313.833.9309