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June 5, 2013 - Whole Foods Market Detroit Opening Day

Although important, normally the opening of a Whole Foods Market isn’t a big enough deal for special event coverage; after all, nearly everyone has seen a Whole Foods. An opening might be a big deal to the local community who want to go buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and other organic items, and a big deal to the Whole Foods corporation, but it's not usually a really big deal to the region or state as a whole. The opening of the Whole Foods Market in Detroit, however, is a very big deal. 

Supermarkets of any sort have been in short supply in the city of Detroit for years, but the opening of the Whole Foods Market in Midtown is not just an opportunity for the people of Detroit to obtain fresh fruit, vegetables, and other foods. This opening is yet another sign of the revitalization that is occurring in Detroit. It is a beautiful market both inside and out, sporting a modern yet slightly steampunk industrial feel, with the exterior back wall of the store painted with fantastic murals by the local artists
Jerome Ferretti, Katherine Larson, Tylonn Sawyer and Mathew Sharum. We have photos of all four murals in the picture stack (above).

The opening day saw a sea of people rolling in waves and lapping up against the vendor tents outside and breaking against the colorful displays and counters inside the store. It was an uplifting sensation to experience so much excitement and enthusiasm. It wasn’t just the store, but the entirety of its meaning that brought out these feelings among the attendees. If you are in the Midtown area, or anywhere near there, we at Detroit Metro Mashup strongly encourage you to go check out the newest jewel in Detroit’s crown.

The Whole Foods Market Detroit is located at 115 Mack Ave., the intersection of Mack and John R., in Midtown Detroit. 

The website is:

Their Facebook page is:
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