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June 29, 2013 - Downriver Cruise

The 14th Annual Cruisin’ Fort Street Downriver was held Saturday, June 29th, 2013. The classic cars, hot rods, and other vehicles that are hard to describe cruised through three cities, Lincoln Park, Southgate and Wyandotte. Riverview did not participate in this year’s cruise due to the apparently never-ending road construction (it was going on in the same area last year, you’d think they were building a spaceport instead of a road it’s taking so long).

It was nice to see families taking advantage of all of the fun this event had to offer, and the offerings were diverse, from beautiful to spectacular to downright odd. There were the usual hot rods, classics, one of a kind cars, motorcycles, motorized bicycles, odd horns and klaxons, even a streetboarder dude propelling himself with a road oar (for lack of a better term) at near-helmet speeds. The crowds were packed in certain areas and the southern end of the cruise, at Kmart and McDonald’s, seemed to be the focal point for human density. No, no, not mentally dense, but lots of people gathered together to watch the burn-outs that seemed to be most prevalent along Fort Street right in this area. The tires were squealing like the air was being ripped apart, with the burnt rubber wafting in the breeze after spraying out from between the tires and the pavement. If you are a policeman reading this you are getting sleepy. When you awake you won’t remember anything about burnouts. There were no burnouts. You didn’t see nuttin’, you didn’t hear nuttin’. Capisce?

It turned out to be really great weather for a cruise and, as dusk drew near and Sh’boom lit up his tail pipes, the cruise seemingly became more popular. I’m not saying Sh’boom is magical but it sure seemed so; the crowd lights up as bright as the tailpipe flames when Sh’Boom makes an appearance.

If you can’t make it next year, check out The News Herald and Press & Guide Newspapers; they were live streaming the event this year for about three hours worth of cruising. WOMC 104.3 was also there broadcasting, playing music, and talking with the people in the crowd. There were a lot of sponsors for this event, all of whom deserve a big “Thank You” for making this cruise available to the downriver community. You can find a list of all of them and more information about the cruise on the Cruisin’ Downriver website at, but go check out our photos first at the picture stack link above.