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July 11, 2013 - Detroit Yacht Club Concert Series - Rick Springfield

This was the first major summer concert for the Detroit Yacht Club Concert Series, with the opening act to be Dennis Deyoung (founding member of the rock band Styx) and featuring Rick Springfield. Due to Deyoung becoming ill, Michigan’s Ty Stone and Detroit’s own legendary rocker Mitch Ryder were asked to fill in for Dennis. 

Ty Stone opened the show with his guitar, singing solo. He was joined onstage by two other guitarists that accompanied his robust yet soulful crooning and playing. Ty has a long bio and a great metro Detroit history. He’s played with Kid Rock, the Zac Brown Band, and Uncle Kracker, appeared on the Country Music Awards (CMA), and his music has been used on the Lifetime show, “Army Wives.”

Mitch Ryder, the uber-legendary Detroit native put on an excellent show. This was one of his best we at Detroit Metro Mashup have seen, and we’ve seen him perform a few times. He’s always good, but this was like going back in time to the beginning, to the Detroit Wheels days. Wow, these guys were rocking and the crowd was dancing and partying. I remember thinking during the show, “If Rick Springfield is hearing this he has to know that he needs to bring his “A game,” to follow Mitch Ryder. Mitch pointed out that they were recording the show and he got the audience to do a sing a long with Mitch. He said, “Put *that* on your resume.” Mitch Ryder put on one hell of a performance at the Detroit Yacht Club.

After a suitable wait, as the sun was about to set in the West, the moment countless fans had been awaiting finally occurred…Grammy Award winner, Rick Springfield took the stage. As he always seems to do, he did bring his “A game,” along with his usual kick-ass band and a really great light show backdrop that was programmed for every song. It immediately became quite a show. He asked everyone if they knew it was his birthday and had the crowd sing Happy Birthday to him; later this month Rick turns 64 and has been performing since he was 12 years old. DMM personnel have also attended several of his shows and he never disappoints; every show Rick Springfield gives it his all. He performed his usual hits, along with a healthy dose of his new album, “Songs for the End of the World.”  It is nice to see a performer who has been on the road for 52 years still making new cd material and performing it live. This, along with his good looks, stage presence and attention to his fans accounts for his never receding popularity. 

Rick joked about the long tables out front wondering if they were the King's tables, meant to hold the peasants back behind the noble-folk and from getting to him. He said (slightly paraphrased), “Then I’ll go to the peasants because I always do. I’m a peasant myself!” He made good on his promise, coming off the stage during his tune "Human Touch,” walking the whole length of the “King’s” tables, playing his guitar and grabbing bottles of champagne and taking a swig or two. Then he left the front table and went deeper into the crowd, where he seems to love to be. Rick loves his fans and his fans love him. However, unlike the typical Rick Springfield concert, he got back on stage and said, “No one pinched my butt!” It has been our observation that at past concerts Rick’s butt attracted a lot of female, and some male, attention.

Luckily there were some hard core Rick fans in the crowd who brought a couple dozen roses so he could do his famous windmill rose explosion against his guitar.  Rick likes to mix the mood up so, after an exhausting sojourn amongst us peasants, he slowed it down a bit with, “My Father's Chair.” This is a real tear-jerker of a song dedicated to his father, who passed away shortly before Rick became famous in 1981. 

Once or twice he teased the crowd with a riff from “Jessie's Girl,” his biggest hit, along with it being partially played in the song medley, which seemed longer than in concerts past. He did eventually play the song in its entirety. He also did his usual ‘bring a child on stage;’ this show it was Alexia's turn.  We think she said she was 8. She brought Rick a bottle of Silly String which he shot at the crowd, followed by Alexia and Rick doing a dance on stage. You can’t be sure what you are going to get from Rick!

The Detroit Yacht Club was among the most beautiful possible venues for this first-ever DYC concert event and we hope they have many more. We were pleased to see that the security guys were friendly (photographers often find out up close and personal if they’re not) yet they kept Mr. Springfield safe. The weather was perfect and this was one concert that is going to be a hard act to follow.

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