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September 6, 2014 - 2014 Dally in the Alley

The 37th annual Dally in the Alley was held in the Cass Corridor, near Wayne State University in Detroit, on Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014 (map below). This year the weather was good, it didn’t rain on us, and it was jam-packed with people until DTE’s transformer fire shut it down prematurely (more below). The North Cass Community Union (NCCU) is the proud sponsor of the Dally. Proceeds from the Dally™ events are used to support North Cass projects which improve the quality of life for people who live and work there.

The Dally is supported by beverage sales at the event and, as usual, Detroit Metro Mashup encourages everyone to purchase your drinks at the Dally to continue supporting the Dally itself, in addition to all the causes the proceeds support. There were many of the usual vendors of food and products from incense to clothing and musical instruments, whom we are happy to see each year, and a variety of new ones as well. Of interest is that, for the first time to our knowledge, the Satanic Temple had a booth and was attracting the curiosity of a lot of people.

There was the usual, impressive musical lineup with the bands seeming to be at their best during the Dally. Four different stages were spaced fairly equidistantly around the corridor. These were for bluegrass/country music (the Forest Stage), rock and pop music (the Alley Stage), smaller bands of many different genres (the Garden Stage) and electronic/house music (the Electronic Stage). Here is this year’s impressive lineup:

12:30 case managerz
1:30 Behind The Times
2:30 Ancient Language
3:30 Erno The Inferno presents Lisa Stocking
4:30 Sheefy McFly
5:30 Lac La Belle
6:30 Radio Burns
7:30 Gabriel Brass Band
8:30 Bill Grogan’s Goat
9:30 Passalacqua
10:30 Brinae Ali
12:00 The Solar System
2:00 The Vonneguts
3:00 Moon Lake
4:00 Carjack.
5:00 Growwing Pains
6:00 the anonymous
7:00 My Pal Val
8:00 Jimmy Ohio & The Ultimate Lovers
9:00 Deadly Viper Assassination Squad
10:00 Prude Boys
12:15 Dear Darkness
1:15 Trophies
2:15 Real Ghosts
3:15 The Webbs
4:15 TART
5:15 Spaceband
6:15 Odd Hours
7:15 Double Winter
8:15 DUANE the brand new dog
10:15 Pink Lightning
12:00 .kite
12:45 Sherburt (DJ)
1:45 Andre Royster DJ)
2:45 Detroit Edison (DJ)
3:30 OktoRed (DJ)
4:15 Jace (DJ)
5:15 MeansandEnds
6:45 Midnight Jackers
7:45 Dru Ruiz
8:45 K-HAND
Unfortunately, this year the Dally had to end before everyone had performed and well before people were partied-out. Here is the tweet that came from the organizers:

“A Transformer blew in the alley! Couldnt handle our party.. we are deeply sorry to say, dally over. We hope everyone that experienced today had a good time! #dally2014 #dallyinthealley”

Next year the Dally will be held the Saturday after Labor Day; it is a BLAST and you should try to attend. The proceeds from the Dally go to sponsor events and operations such as:

• Provided funding and volunteers to the Fourth Street Farm
• Sponsored the Burton Theater’s Detroit International Film Festival
• Funded environmental litigation against the Detroit Trash Incinerator
• Provided music scholarships for neighborhood children
• Supported neighborhood soup kitchens
• Covered medical expenses for locked-out newspaper employees who had insurance benefits cut off
• Maintained the garden park at 4753 2nd Avenue
• Paid to have snow plowed from alleys in the winter and trash picked up from streets in the summer

For further information about our activities, please contact us by email, facebook, or write to:
North Cass Community Union, Inc., 4632 Second Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201.