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April 30-May 3, 2015 - Michigan International Women's Show

The Michigan International Women’s Show was held on April 30-May 3rd. This is one show I will not miss. There is everything there from jewelry, to scarves, pajamas, food, television stars, and dogs.  A few favorite vendors have come and gone but new ones always pop up.  

This was the show’s 20th Anniversary.  There were cash giveaways and prizes in celebration of the anniversary provided by WDVD 96.3. Also if you were born in 1996, making you already 20 years old, you got in for free.

Look alike cast members from Frozen, The Snow Sisters were on hand to give autographs to children.

I was very excited about being the first in ‘line’ to get my haircut by Michael O’Rourke and made every effort to do so. Although the website says, “available on first come first serve basis,” this turned out to not be the case. Sadly we were told there is ‘no line’ and that he picks and chooses whose hair he cuts. He does a short style, then a long, and with no guarantees he will pick you. This was a huge disappointment. I wasn’t feeling well the day I went and had I of known this I probably would have attended later or not at all.

Next year’s dates are April 28 through May 1 2016. Be sure not to miss it because it is a good time in spite of the hair styling disappointment.