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June 25, 2015 - Magic Bus @ Hess-Hathaway Park - Waterford, MI

Hess-Hathaway Park held one of their free summer concerts on June 25th, featuring the popular band Magic Bus, which plays psychedelic music from the sixties and seventies, also known as “Woodstock Era” music. First a disclaimer…Mike Bruner is the keyboard player for Magic Bus as well as for Rare Earth and is a good friend of the authors so, rather than trusting our judgement, you should get out and see Magic Bus sometime and judge for yourself!

Besides hosting amazing local bands during the summer, Hess-Hathaway Park has an awesome playscape area and an animal farm for the kids. For the concert there were tasty BBQ entrees to be had from the featured vendor Billy’s Tip’n Inn, including pulled pork sandwiches and ribs. We had the sandwiches and they were delicious!

Although almost everyone in the band can sing and harmonize, Magic Bus featured their newest member, front woman Melissa Wickson. The crowed was wowed by Melissa, yelling things like “You’re going to Hollywood!” per American Idol. If you closed your eyes you would have sworn Janis Joplin was channeling her voice thru Melissa. She also did Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane and made it sound like we were actually at Woodstock back in the day. Yeah, she is that good.

Magic Bus did covers of a ton of the music from our “Hippy Era” (What? Are we not hippies anymore?) and made them sound like the originals. If they needed smooth melodic tones they had them; if they needed raspy-voiced, open-the-throttle rock, they had that too. It was actually pretty amazing for a single band to do such a good job on such a wide range of music.

They had people dancing, but the crowd really got on it’s feet when they busted out Mr. Cool, a very large clothed stick-figure, hippie dude who must be 20 feet high (or more) and moves around the crowd on the shoulders of a very dedicated and eventually sweaty puppeteer. After Mr. Cool made his appearance the dance area was never again empty and continued to get more crowed until the end of the show.

All in all, it was a great night at the park and a rocking good time. We highly encourage you to go see Magic Bus and to plan on going to future concerts in Hess-Hathaway park, which is a wonderful venue.

Check out the band’s Facebook page for their upcoming schedule.