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July 25, 2015 - 76th Annual Schutzenfest - Auburn Hills, MI

The 76th Annual Schutzenfest was held on the grounds of the German-American Marksmanship Club in Auburn Hills, MI on Saturday July 25th. This event has a marksmanship competition where a faux eagle is blasted to smithereens by the competitors and prizes are awarded. Don’t worry, no actual eagles are used or harmed during this event. The only things harmed are the egos of some of the marksmen!

There was continuous, high-spirited, polka and other music by Die Rhinelanders and Tommy Schober's Sound of Sorgenbrecher. A brief, but fairly heavy, rainfall created a great rainbow above the grounds and added to the festive atmosphere of Authentic German Food, stroganoff, knockwurst, bratwurst, sauerkraut, potato salad, German beer and Jaegermeister. It’s always a fun way to spend a summer afternoon and evening.

Be sure to check out the club's Oktoberfest in September; Oktoberfest will be held Friday, 11 September, this year. Info can be found at the links below and in flyer below.
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