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July 15-18, 2015 - Ann Arbor Art Fair - Ann Arbor, MI

It’s been a couple of years since we have attended the Ann Arbor Art Fair and we decided this year was a go! There are over 1,000 artists at the Fair, always including some new artists and a lot of returning favorites. Two came all the way from Japan and one from South America. Most were from all over the USA, as would be expected. This year seemed different, as we saw vendors in Ann Arbor that we saw last weekend at the Plymouth Art Fair, something for the more mainstream consumers such as art items that serve not only an aesthetic, but a practical purpose. Liberty Street Courtyard, where the ground is gravel, is a personal favorite of ours. There you will see the King’s Courtyard and other fun items.

The next thing we noticed was that it was pretty roomy and you could actually enter the booths and not get elbowed. This is not the case at lots of the art fairs we attend. This year saw a temporary relocation of the Street Art Fair due to construction. Although it seemed just as large or larger to us, they apparently lost a few artists due to this.

There seemed to be fewer resting places this year, possibly also due to the construction and there is a lot of walking to be done; so be prepared with comfortable shoes. To get around all four fair areas for free mini buses are available, referred to as Art Go Round. The buses replaced the trolley cars of earlier years.

This year’s Art Fair featured Dylan Strzynski from Dexter, MI, a printmaker and if you go to the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair website at you will see the Ann Arbor Art Fair poster he designed for this year and his listing as the featured artist.

Past it’s 50th year, this is the largest art fair in the United States and it takes more than a day to see it all and let the artistic part of your brain do justice to all the emotion and meaning that is being evinced! So plan to spend some time and enjoy yourself next year!


Next year the fair will run from Thursday instead of Wednesday through Sunday to accommodate people’s busy work schedules.

The website to see the entirety of the art fair information is: