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August 16, 2015 - The Scream Cruise and Thunder in Pontiac - Pontiac, MI

The Scream Cruise and Thunder in Pontiac were held for the first time this year in downtown Pontiac, extending the 2015 Dream Cruise celebration right on into Sunday, August 16. Scream and Thunder was a free event featuring a lot of frightening vehicles (the screams), such as spooked-out hearses, skullmobiles (I made up the word, but check our photos), free music, beer available from the incoming 51 North Brewing Company, leather goods for sale from Mad Cow Leather, barbecue from Red Wood Grill, rows of awesome motorcycles (the Thunder), and much more.

We were really pleased when we showed up on Sunday to see Eddie Munster (Butch Patrick) there, yes the real one from Munster’s fame, speaking briefly and signing autographs for fans of the great 60s show. We were even more pleased to see our friends" The Ruiners” playing their intensely mental and physical music on the stage. They are a very popular band, one of our favorites, and we had no idea they were going to be playing there; we just lucked out and got there in time to see them. Perhaps downtown Pontiac can do a little more promotion next year, because this band has nearly 3600 fans on Facebook and I bet they would all have tried to be there.

There was a good turnout for this event's first year and we hope it continues and grows exponentially with each year to follow. We had a really good time; go check out our photo coverage!!dream-cruise/c1j1r